Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lily Collins Tells About the "Family" She Acquired While Filming 'THE MORTAL INSTRUMETS'

A writer for had the chance to meet Lily Collins and ask her questions from Mortal Instruments fans and "Lilians". They discuss topics ranging from The Mortal Instruments to love advice.

Lily Collins explains how The Mortal Instruments has changed her style:
Oh, I totally think being a Shadowhunter taught me a lot about experimenting with my style. So I have sort of been wearing more, like, leather or [an] edgier and sexier wardrobe. The boots were awesome. I wore boots very similar to those the other day doing press for the mall tour. I wouldn’t recommend running in them. I wear less chains than all the Shadowhunters do, and no harnesses — that’s all for practical reasons, but I do think the Shadowhunter mentality of that sleek, edgy, action figure-y style influenced my more mature, sexier style.
Lily also explains the "family" she has acquired:
Robbie’s just hilarious. Like, he’s Irish and he just has this, like, very European, funny nature to him. When he came in, right away, we clicked as best friends. He’s so easy to get along with — it’s very hard not to get along with Robbie. Kevin, he and Jamie have the perfect dynamic because they’re catty toward each other, but they’re also — they have fun with each other. We all on set were a family. We all struggled together; we all sweat together; in training, we all fought together. And Kevin Zegers has become literally like family to me, protecting me on set as Clary, but then off set becoming so close with [him] and his wife. And Jemima [West] jumped right in there, she came in not knowing anyone, and we all just blended so well together. I can’t wait to go shoot the sequel so we can be a family again.
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