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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lily Collins Tells About the "Family" She Acquired While Filming 'THE MORTAL INSTRUMETS'

A writer for had the chance to meet Lily Collins and ask her questions from Mortal Instruments fans and "Lilians". They discuss topics ranging from The Mortal Instruments to love advice.

Lily Collins explains how The Mortal Instruments has changed her style:
Oh, I totally think being a Shadowhunter taught me a lot about experimenting with my style. So I have sort of been wearing more, like, leather or [an] edgier and sexier wardrobe. The boots were awesome. I wore boots very similar to those the other day doing press for the mall tour. I wouldn’t recommend running in them. I wear less chains than all the Shadowhunters do, and no harnesses — that’s all for practical reasons, but I do think the Shadowhunter mentality of that sleek, edgy, action figure-y style influenced my more mature, sexier style.
Lily also explains the "family" she has acquired:
Robbie’s just hilarious. Like, he’s Irish and he just has this, like, very European, funny nature to him. When he came in, right away, we clicked as best friends. He’s so easy to get along with — it’s very hard not to get along with Robbie. Kevin, he and Jamie have the perfect dynamic because they’re catty toward each other, but they’re also — they have fun with each other. We all on set were a family. We all struggled together; we all sweat together; in training, we all fought together. And Kevin Zegers has become literally like family to me, protecting me on set as Clary, but then off set becoming so close with [him] and his wife. And Jemima [West] jumped right in there, she came in not knowing anyone, and we all just blended so well together. I can’t wait to go shoot the sequel so we can be a family again.
Read the full interview over at

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Skype With Robert Sheehan, Jamie Campbell Bower, and Lily Collins

MSN UK is hosting a Skype video chat for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones cast (Robert Sheehan, Lily Collins, and Jamie Campbell Bower). To participate, tweet your question to @msnents with the hastag #AskTMI.
In case you haven't heard, The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones is set to be one of the biggest movie events of the year and to celebrate it's upcoming release, we're looking for fans to record a question on Skype for Lily Collins, Robert Sheehan and Jamie Campbell Bower[...]
If you want to get involved in the Skype video chat (and let's face it, why wouldn't you?) all you have to do is tweet your question to us @msnents using the hashtag #AskTMI. We're looking for the most imaginative, creative and brilliant questions so get your thinking caps on people!
You'll have to follow us on Twitter and tweet us your question before 9pm on Sunday 11 August, so spread the word!
Here's a message from Jamie Campbell Bower:

For more details visit MSN UK.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Watch Jamie Campbell Bower Talk About Bringing 'The Mortal Instruments: CITY OF BONES' to Life

Jamie Campbell Bower joined Cassandra Clare, and Sarah Rees Brennan for a event inside a church for Waterstones book signing. Thanks to KerGemma. We have Jamie Campbell Bower talking about bringing Jace to life, his experience on set and favourite parts of the movie (including Godfrey Gao's underwear).
His experience on set

Updates from the 'Mortal Instruments' Book Signing in London with Jamie Campbell Bower, Cassandra Clare, and Sarah Rees Brennan

Today (July 4), Jamie Campbell Bower joined Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan for a Q&A session and book signing event in London.
The event took place inside a church!
Check out Jamie Campbell Bower and Cassandra Clare in the green room. Jamie Campbell Bower is trying to catch a grape with his mouth; it's the funniest thing -you're going to want to watch this over and over again.
JCB also bought his guitar:
Here are some of the things that happened at the event (Click this link to watch Cassandra Clare arriving at the event):

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Recap of Jamie Campbell Bower and Cassandra Clare's Twitter Q&A with Glamour UK

Jamie Campbell Bower and Cassandra Clare got together with Glamour Magazine UK to do a QA session on twitter. Although this Q&A was for City of Bones, they talk about returning (to Toronto) at the end of September for City of Ashes!
Here is a recap from this morning (for us)/noon (for UK)'s Q&A:
Which characters are the best role models in The Mortal Instruments?Cassandra Clare: Each has something different to teach people.
How hard was it doing stunts? Have you recovered?Jamie Campbell Bower: Very difficult and no, I’m still sore and going back to do number two [City of Ashes]!
Best joke on set?Jamie: We had a lot of private ones, but none made much sense. I was probably the biggest joker.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Static Talks About Lily Collin's 'Fearless' Stunts in the Movie

Lily Collins talks about her stunt training while on The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones set.
Static questions Lily about her connection with Clary's fearless-ness.
I would like to think that I am feisty and fearless. My mom and I travelled to many countries when I was growing up, and I have jumped off a cliff in Paraguay, and jumped off a cliff to go swimming, and I swam with sharks. So, I would like to think that I have done some things. I think I like to take risks, not be unsafe, but like take as many risks as I can.
About Lily's stunts in the movie:
Are you good in unexpected dangerous situations?I’ve done enough martial arts training now and I think I would be kind of good in a situation but I try not to put myself in dangerous situations. I think having been able to play some of the characters that are strong females who get thrown into these positions and have to act quickly and I think I have learned kind of a lot from those characters. And also my best friends and the women that surround me in general, are all really strong females in their own way, and witty as well as physically strong. So I think it’s also about how you handle them intellectually and mentally, and if you go through something traumatic, how do you pick yourself up afterwards?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cassandra Clare and Harald Zwart Talk Movie Adaptation at the LA Times Festival of Books

Cassandra Clare and Harald Zwart both attended the Los Angeles Times: Festival of Book this past weekend. They talk about the adaptation of City of Bone. (For a quick tweet run-down click here)
“It’s a bit of an exercise in letting go,” said Claire, of being an author and selling the movie rights. She had no expectations of being involved, and only found out about Lilly Collins being cast as Clary from, like everyone else – but once Cassie signaled her interest in being involved, and once Harald came on board to direct, suddenly the doors were wide open and Cassie was weighing in on everything from casting to prop design. As to why the Hollywood types were willing to let her be so involved, Clare recalled one producer telling her: “Cassie, I never want you to say Harold and Robbie ruined my book. I want you to say, Harold, Robert, and I ruined my movie.”
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Recap from Festival of Books at Cassandra Clare and Harald Zwart Panel

Cassandra Clare (middle) and Harald Zwart (right) Panel from @PageToPremier
Cassandra Clare and Harald Zwart both made an appearance at Los Angeles Times: Festival of Books today (April 20).
Check out the tweets from @MortalMovie and @PageToPremier

About The Mortal Instruments Movie:

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

@cassieclare's Q&A about future projects (TLH)

The Infernal Devices has wrapped up, we're all heartbroken and happy at the same time. It's alright because Cassie has started tweeting all about her next series, TLH. TLH will be about the second generation to The Infernal Devices. At the moment, Cassie won't tell us what TLH, but anyone have any guesses?

Also, Cassie mention a few things about a new secret unnamed project. This secret project will take place 3 years after The Dark Artifices.

About  a New Shadowhunter Series (TLH):

About a Secret Unnamed Project:

@cassieclare's twitter Q&A (TMI, TDA, TBC and more)

Cassie's twitter Q and A on Wednesday, March 27 about The Dark Artifices, The Mortal Instruments, City of Bones movie, and The Bane Chronicles. See details about her secret unnamed project and TLH here.
*caution there are some Clockwork Princess spoilers*

About The Dark Artifices:

About The Mortal Instruments:

About the City of Bones movie:

In regards to Jonathan Rhys Meyers being in the City of Bones theatrical trailer: