Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cassandra Clare and Harald Zwart Talk Movie Adaptation at the LA Times Festival of Books

Cassandra Clare and Harald Zwart both attended the Los Angeles Times: Festival of Book this past weekend. They talk about the adaptation of City of Bone. (For a quick tweet run-down click here)
“It’s a bit of an exercise in letting go,” said Claire, of being an author and selling the movie rights. She had no expectations of being involved, and only found out about Lilly Collins being cast as Clary from Collider.com, like everyone else – but once Cassie signaled her interest in being involved, and once Harald came on board to direct, suddenly the doors were wide open and Cassie was weighing in on everything from casting to prop design. As to why the Hollywood types were willing to let her be so involved, Clare recalled one producer telling her: “Cassie, I never want you to say Harold and Robbie ruined my book. I want you to say, Harold, Robert, and I ruined my movie.”
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