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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New Unidentified Snippet

His face crumpled. “He hates me,” he said. “All I do is love him, but he hates me, he just hates me, I don’t know why.”
Any ideas who's talking or which book this snippet could be from? City of Heavenly Fire, Lady Midnight...? Sound of in the comments!

Monday, March 31, 2014

New CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE Snippet About Magnus's Father

Two -well, technically three- more months till City of Heavenly Fire. Here's to two/three more months of stressing about this final book in The Mortal Instruments.
Read a snippet to make it better:
“And I suppose you know who Magnus’ father is?” Luke said.
“I paid a lot of money once to find it out,” Raphael said.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

New Valentine's Day CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE Snippet

It's a bit late, but your Valentine's Day Weekend just got better! Cassandra Clare released a new City of Heavenly Fire snippet just for us on Valentine's Day.
“Julian,” said Jia, in the same gentle voice, “would you do something for us? Would you take up the Mortal Sword?”
Clary sat up straight. She had held the Mortal Sword: she had felt the weight of it. The cold, like hooks in your skin, dragging the truth out of you. You couldn’t lie holding the Mortal Sword, but the truth, even a truth you wanted to tell, was agony.
“They can’t,” she whispered. “He’s just a kid —“
“He’s the oldest of the kids who escaped the Institute,” Jace said under his breath. “They don’t have a choice.”
Julian nodded, his thin shoulders straight. “I’ll take it.”
Robert Lightwood passed behind the podium then and went to the table. He took up the sword and returned to stand in front of Julian. The contrast between them was almost funny: the big, barrel-chested man and the lanky, wild-haired boy.

Julian reached a hand up and took the sword. As his hand closed around the hilt, he shuddered, a ripple of pain that was quickly forced down. Emma, behind him, started forward, and Clary caught a glimpse of the look on her face — pure fury — before Helen caught at her and pulled her back.
City of Heavenly Fire will be released on May, 27th:

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Read EW's Interview With Cassandra Clare and an Excerpt from CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE

With the release of the City of Heavenly Fire cover, Entertainment Weekly also released an excerpt from the book plus an exclusive interview with Cassandra Clare.
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: First of all, what do you think about the cover?
CASSANDRA CLARE: I really love this cover. Cliff [Nielsen] has done all of my covers since the beginning, and I think he has created a unique look that is specific to the series. We talked back in the beginning about deciding who was going to go on what cover, and that this cover was going to end up with Clary and her brother. This is the big face-off. This is the book where she goes up against her brother Sebastian, and he is the big villain. It’s kind of like a Batman/Joker cover. … And in a way, there’s a play of light and dark going on on the cover, and that sets up a big battle between good and evil with Clary standing for good and Sebastian standing for evil. There’s also little clues for the readers who have been reading the series a long time in the weapons that they’re holding, in the necklace that Clary is wearing, and especially in the landscape that they’re standing on. It gives a hint about what’s coming and what’s going to happen in the book.
Read the rest of the interview here.
Click here for the excerpt.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire comes out on this May, 27th. Pre-order a copy now:

Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Christmasy CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE Snippet

Sorry for the delay, but I've been on vacation and then I had to catch up on work... But I now have time to catch you all up on the latest Shadowhunter news!
First off is the new City of Heavenly Fire snippet that Cassandra Clare released as a Christmas present to us all:
The Frays had never been a religiously observant family, but Clary loved Fifth Avenue at Christmas time. The air smelled like sweet roasted chestnuts, and the window displays sparkled with silver and blue, green and red. This year there were fat round crystal snowflakes attached to each lamppost, sending back the winter sunlight in shafts of gold[B1] . Not to mention the huge tree at Rockefeller Center. It threw its shadow across them as she and Simon draped themselves over the gate at the side of the skating rink, watching tourists fall down as they tried to navigate the ice.
Clary had a hot chocolate wrapped in her hands, the warmth spreading through her body. She felt almost normal—this, coming to Fifth to see the window displays and the tree, had been a winter tradition for her and Simon for as long as she could remember.
“Feels like old times, doesn’t it?” he said, echoing her thoughts as he propped his chin on his folded arms.
She chanced a sideways look at him. He was wearing a black topcoat and scarf that emphasized the winter pallor of his skin. His eyes were shadowed, indicating that he hadn’t fed on blood recently. He looked like what he was—a hungry, tired vampire.
Well, she thought. Almost like old times. “More people to buy presents for,” she said. “Plus, the always traumatic what-to-buy-someone-for-the-first-Christmas-after-you’ve-started-dating question.”
“What to get the Shadowhunter who has everything,” Simon said with a grin.
“Jace mostly likes weapons,” Clary sighed. “He likes books, but they have a huge library at the Institute. He likes classical music …” She brightened. Simon was a musician; even though his band was terrible, and was always changing their name—currently they were Lethal Soufflé—he did have training. “What would you give someone who likes to play the piano?”
“A piano.”
“A really huge metronome that could also double as a weapon?”
Clary sighed, exasperated.
“Sheet music. Rachmaninoff is tough stuff, but he likes a challenge.”
“Now you’re talking. I’m going to see if there’s a music store around here.” Clary, done with her hot chocolate, tossed the cup into a nearby trash can and pulled her phone out. “What about you? What are you giving Isabelle?”
“I have absolutely no idea,” Simon said. They had started heading toward the avenue, where a steady stream of pedestrians gawking at the windows clogged the streets.
“Oh, come on. Isabelle’s easy.”
“That’s my girlfriend you’re talking about.” Simon’s brows drew together. “I think. I’m not sure. We haven’t discussed it. The relationship, I mean.”
“You really have to DTR, Simon.”
“Define the relationship. What it is, where it’s going. Are you boyfriend and girlfriend, just having fun, ‘it’s complicated,’ or what? When’s she going to tell her parents? Are you allowed to see other people?”
Simon blanched. “What? Seriously?”
“Seriously. In the meantime—perfume!” Clary grabbed Simon by the back of his coat and hauled him into a cosmetics store that had once been a bank. It was massive on the inside, with rows of gleaming bottles everywhere. “And something unusual,” she said, heading for the fragrance area. “Isabelle isn’t going to want to smell like everyone else. She’s going to want to smell like figs, or vetiver, or—”
“Figs? Figs have a smell?” Simon looked horrified; Clary was about to laugh at him when her phone buzzed. It was her mother.
where are you? It’s an emergency.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Late Post on: 'CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE' Thanksgiving Snippet

Sorry, for the late post, but I just realized I forgot to place the US Thanksgiving snippet from Cassandra Clare:
"Did Brother Zachariah just steal our cat?"

Friday, November 22, 2013

Visual 'CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE' Snippet by Cassandra Clare and Cassandra Jean

Cassandra Clare sent Cassandra Jean -one of the illustrator from The Shadowhunter's Codex- a snippet from The Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire. With Cassandra Clare's permission, Cassandra Jean has illustrated part of the snippet and shared it with all of us! Check it out:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nov 20: Parabatai Talk in a New CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE Snippet

A parabatai. Like he was. And Jace knew, too, what that faded rune meant: a parabatai whose other half was dead. He felt his sympathy leap toward Brother Zachariah, as he imagined himself without Alec, with only that faded rune to remind him where once he had been bonded to someone who knew all the best and worst parts of his soul.
via tumblr

Sunday, October 27, 2013

New CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE Snippet from Cassandra Clare's Florence Book Signing

Cassandra Clare recently visited Italy to do some research for her books. While in Italy, she stopped by Florence to attend a book-signing event. At the event, she read a snippet from City of Heavenly Fire:
Not much had changed at Magnus’s since the first time Jace had been there. Jace used an open rune to get through the front door and took the stairs, buzzing Magnus’s apartment bell. It was safer that way because Magnus could be playing video games naked or really anything. Magnus yanked the door open, looking furious. He was wearing a black silk dressing gown, his feet were bare, his dark hair was tangled, “What are you doing here?”
“My,” said Jace, “You’re so unwelcoming.”
“That’s because you’re not welcome.”
“I thought we were friends,” said Jace.
“No, you’re Alec’s friend, Alec was my boyfriend so I had to put up with you. But now he’s not my boyfriend so I don’t have to put up with you.”
“I think you should get back together with Alec,” said Jace.
Magnus looked at him, “And why is that?”
If you would like to watch the event and listen to her read the snippet, check out the video bellow:

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Oct. 20: New CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE Snippet With Alec

In case you didn't hear, Cassandra Clare finished City of Heavenly Fire last week. And now, she is starting to tease us with little snippets from the book, check out this new one with Alec:
Alec pulled his knees up to his chest and looked thoughtfully at Jace. “I know,” he said. “I’m not jealous. I always knew, from the first, that everyone thought you were better than me. My dad thought it. The Clave thought it. Izzy and Max looked up to you as the great warrior they wanted to be like. But the day you asked me to be your parabatai, I knew you meant that you trusted me enough to ask me to help you. You were telling me that you weren’t this lone and self-sufficient warrior able to do everything alone. You needed me.So I realized that there was one person who didn’t assume you were better than me. You.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Oct. 8: New CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE Snippet With Magnus

Another City of Heavenly Fire snippet released on Cassandra Clare's tumblr!
The way Magnus’ breath had sounded, rattling in his chest, before he’d said his father’s name.
The last Mortal Instruments book will be available May 27th (according to Amazon), pre-order the book now:

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oct 1: Jocelyn Wants to Meet Tessa in a New CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE Snippet

For a start to October, Cassandra Clare gives us a new snippet from City of Heavenly Fire.
“Clary,” Jocelyn said. “I want you to meet Tessa Gray.”
More proof that we get to see more of our favourite Infernal Devices characters in this last book of The Mortal Instruments!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

A New Unidentified Snippet With Someone "Dying in [Someone's] Arms"

Cassandra Jean
Cassandra Clare has released a new snippet. The catch is that is it an unidentified snippet, so we don't know which one of her beloved characters is dying!
"Well, it’s a bit ironic, isn’t it?"
"What do you mean?"
"All that effort to convince you I wasn’t in love with you, and here I am, dying in your arms."
Have any guesses? Let us know in the comments.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sept. 11: New Sweet and Simple CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE Snippet

While we are patiently waiting for the release of the City of Heavenly Fire cover, Cassandra Clare is starting to release more snippets of this last book in The Mortal Instruments series.
a rune, hovering like an angel: a shape like two wings joined by a single bar
Pre-order The Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire on:

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Aug. 5: Simon's Benefit from Being a Jewish Vampire in a New 'CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE' Snippet

A City of Heavenly Fire snippet from Casandra Clare's tumblr.
“He’s not feeling well,” Clary said, catching at Simon’s wrist. “We’re going.”
“No,” Simon said. “No, I — I need to talk to him. To the Inquisitor.”
Robert reached into his jacket and drew out a crucifix. Clary stared in shock as he held it up between himself and Simon. “I speak to the Night’s Children Council representative, or to the head of the New York clan,” he said. “Not to any vampire who comes to knock at my door —“
Simon reached out and plucked the cross out of Robert’s hand. “Wrong religion,” he said.
City of Heavenly Fire has no confirmed release date yet, but it should be around May. The cover will be revealed in the winter, stay tuned for more updates.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June 26: New 'CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE' Twitter Snippet

Place holder art for City of Heavenly Fire
Cassandra Clare gives us another twitter snippet from The Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire.
In case you can't see the tweet, the snippet is:
"Why did he kiss you?" She said.
Who do you think is this mysterious "he" and "she"?

The final book to The Mortal Instruments comes out next March.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

June, 20: By Request a New Simon and Izzy 'CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE' Snippet

place holder art
Cassandra Clare revealed another Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire snippet. This time, Clare was taking requests for which character the snippet would be about. She got a lot of Simon and Sebastian requests. But, settled on an interesting Simon and Isabelle snippet:
In case you can't see the tweet, the snippet is:
They landed at Simon's feet. "Take your clothes and go!" Isabelle shouted.

The last book to The Mortal Instruments -City of Heavenly Fire- comes out next March!

Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17: New CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE Snippet With the Full Shadowhunter Children's Rhyme

Placeholder Art
We've read part of the Shadowhunter rhyme in the previous Mortal Instruments books. However, according to Cassandra Clare's new tumblr post, all (the rhyme) is revealed in City of Heavenly Fire...
Black for hunting through the night
For death and mourning the color’s white
Gold for a bride in her wedding gown
And red to call enchantment down.
White silk when our bodies burn,
Blue banners when the lost return.
Flame for the birth of a Nephilim,
And to wash away our sins.
Gray for knowledge best untold,
Bone for those who don’t grow old.
Saffron lights the victory march,
Green will mend our broken hearts.
Silver for the demon towers,
And bronze to summon wicked powers.
— Shadowhunter children’s rhyme
City of Heavenly Fire will be released March 1, 2014.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

June, 8: New CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE Snippet Izzy Gossiping About a Certain Silent Brother (spoilers)

It's a short spoiler, but a good one!
“Okayyyyy,” Isabelle said in a low voice, “When did Brother Zachariah get hot?”
(via tumblr)

City of Heavenly Fire -the last book in The Mortal Instruments series- will be out March 1st, 2014 according to the Shadowhunter App.

Monday, May 20, 2013

May, 20: New 'City of Heavenly Fire Snippet' With a Green-Eyed Jonathan

Check out this intense City of Heavenly Fire snippet released on tumblr:
His eyes shone when he looked at her, green as spring grass.
He has always had green eyes, said the voice in her head. People often marvel at how much alike you are, he and your mother and yourself. His name is Jonathan and he is your brother; he has always protected you.
Somewhere in the back of Clary’s mind she saw black eyes and whip marks, but she didn’t know why. He’s your brother. He’s your brother, and he’s always taken care of you.
Seems like Clary is getting brain washed or something similar. What do you think?