Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Aug. 5: Simon's Benefit from Being a Jewish Vampire in a New 'CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE' Snippet

A City of Heavenly Fire snippet from Casandra Clare's tumblr.
“He’s not feeling well,” Clary said, catching at Simon’s wrist. “We’re going.”
“No,” Simon said. “No, I — I need to talk to him. To the Inquisitor.”
Robert reached into his jacket and drew out a crucifix. Clary stared in shock as he held it up between himself and Simon. “I speak to the Night’s Children Council representative, or to the head of the New York clan,” he said. “Not to any vampire who comes to knock at my door —“
Simon reached out and plucked the cross out of Robert’s hand. “Wrong religion,” he said.
City of Heavenly Fire has no confirmed release date yet, but it should be around May. The cover will be revealed in the winter, stay tuned for more updates.


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