Thursday, March 28, 2013

Clockwork Princess on Bestseller's lists

A congratulations to Cassandra Clare is in need.

Clockwork Princess is #1 on Publishers Weekly Bestsellers List

(The Mortal Instruments is also on this list, moving from spot number 6 to spot 7)
Cassie received news from her publisher that not only Clockwork Princess the best-selling children's book
in North America, it is the best selling book in the country.
Here's what Martin Moszkowicz, the executive producer for City of Bones had to say about this great achievement:
Cassandra Clare's Clockwork Princess was the best selling book in the US last week (across children's AND adult categories - nothing sold better - or even close). Thus, Infernal Devices is #1 on the NYT series list - ahead of The Hunger Games and Beautiful Creatures, and TMI moved up from #7 to #6 on the same list!

Cassie's Thank You note:
Dear Shadowhunters,
I wanted to tell you a little story about the Infernal Devices. Back when I first started writing it, a lot of people told me historical fantasy fiction — historical fiction period, except in romance — didn’t sell, no one would read it, my readers would never follow me from The Mortal Instruments to a series set in the past, and that my desire to release them as an alternating series was “totally crazy.”


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