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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Represent the MORTAL INSTRUMENTS and INFERNAL DEVICES Fandom by Voting in The Book Shimmy Awards

Epic Reads is hosting their annual Book Shimmy Awards! Brace yourselves because there is a lot of competition out there; try not have a break down while trying to vote for a book.

Of course, Clockwork Princess and City of Bones are included in this years round of nominees. In fact, Clockwork Princess is included in 3 different categories: Couple of the Year Award (Will and Tessa), The Pagemaster, and the Best of Shelves. While, City of Bones is included in 2 categories: Best Book Fandom, and Best YA-Adapted Movie or TV Show.

To help out with the voting, join us and other fansites for a twitter trending of #VoteShadowhunter on:
Monday (Dec 16), Wednesday (Dec 18), and Friday (Dec20) at 5pm EST

Friday, September 20, 2013

Shadowhunter Calendar Pictures: Malec for the Month of Love and Will Herondale for March

Cassandra Clare and illustrator, Cassandra Jean, have collaborated to make a hot-guys-of-the-Shadowhunter-world calendar. Catch up on all the calendar pictures here.
More calendar art! So the beautiful Cassandra (NOT me, Cassandra Jean) and I have been collaborating to create a calendar of the TMI/TID/TDA/TLH boys — Men of the Shadowhunter Universe, I guess — and while I don’t know what we’re going to do with it yet, here’s Magnus/Alec as February 2014, celebrating Valentine’s Day*. More soon!
*But not, like, the way Valentine celebrates it.
Will, being hot in a cold way in March. By Cassandra Jean.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Jem Carstairs for the January 2014 Shadowhunter Calendar Picture

Cassandra Clare and illustrator, Cassandra Jean, have collaborated to make a hot-guys-of-the-Shadowhunter-world calendar. Above is Jem Carstairs representing January 2014 for the Lunar calendar.
January Jem! So the beautiful Cassandra (NOT me, Cassandra Jean) and I have been collaborating to create a calendar of the TMI/TID/TDA/TLH boys — Men of the Shadowhunter Universe, I guess — and while I don’t know what we’re going to do with it yet, here’s Jem as January 2014, celebrating the lunar New Year. More soon!

Monday, August 12, 2013

New Shadowhunter Rune Called 'Faith'

Sadly, Val Freire -who created the drawings for runes- can't make it to The Mortal Instrument's premiere tonight in LA. However, she did unveil a new rune. This one is called Faith:
Ohhhh, yeah! Did I forget to mention that? I just made a “FAITH” Glyph-Rune tonight. I’m dancing over that too! I’d very much like to dance with youヽ(´ー`)ノ ~ Val Freire

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lily Collins Tells About the "Family" She Acquired While Filming 'THE MORTAL INSTRUMETS'

A writer for had the chance to meet Lily Collins and ask her questions from Mortal Instruments fans and "Lilians". They discuss topics ranging from The Mortal Instruments to love advice.

Lily Collins explains how The Mortal Instruments has changed her style:
Oh, I totally think being a Shadowhunter taught me a lot about experimenting with my style. So I have sort of been wearing more, like, leather or [an] edgier and sexier wardrobe. The boots were awesome. I wore boots very similar to those the other day doing press for the mall tour. I wouldn’t recommend running in them. I wear less chains than all the Shadowhunters do, and no harnesses — that’s all for practical reasons, but I do think the Shadowhunter mentality of that sleek, edgy, action figure-y style influenced my more mature, sexier style.
Lily also explains the "family" she has acquired:
Robbie’s just hilarious. Like, he’s Irish and he just has this, like, very European, funny nature to him. When he came in, right away, we clicked as best friends. He’s so easy to get along with — it’s very hard not to get along with Robbie. Kevin, he and Jamie have the perfect dynamic because they’re catty toward each other, but they’re also — they have fun with each other. We all on set were a family. We all struggled together; we all sweat together; in training, we all fought together. And Kevin Zegers has become literally like family to me, protecting me on set as Clary, but then off set becoming so close with [him] and his wife. And Jemima [West] jumped right in there, she came in not knowing anyone, and we all just blended so well together. I can’t wait to go shoot the sequel so we can be a family again.
Read the full interview over at

Monday, July 15, 2013

Jamie Campbell Bower Explains What Shadowhunters Are

JFID JaguarFilmInternationalDistribution has a few TV Spots of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. They also have a short snippet of Jamie Campbell Bower explaining what Shadowhunters are:

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Canadian Shadowhunters: New 'Become a Shadowhunter Website' Just for Canada

A month ago, Sony released where residents of USA got a chance to win prizes like:

On the Canadian website, Sony is offering Shadowhunters a chance to win:
  • copy of the book City of Bones and 1 full size film poster
  • official movie prize pack which includes a charm bracelet, a tattoo sheet set, a journal, a metal key chain, a set of Rune pins, a tote bag, a copy of the City of Bones book, a mini poster, a branded t-shirt, the official movie guide, and the official illustrated movie companion
  • splat prize pack consisting of 4 Rebellious Colour Kits (Aqua, Pink Fetish, Luscious Raspberries, Blue Envy), 5 Splat highlighting chalks (Dusty Rose, Silver Moon, Mint Candy, Violet Sky, Midnight Blue) and 5 washables temporary colours (Totally Red, Hot Pink, Purple Swag, Electric Blue).
Go sign up to become a Shadowhunter on the Canadian website now!
Just make sure that when you sign up, click "Login here if you live in Canada."

Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17: New CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE Snippet With the Full Shadowhunter Children's Rhyme

Placeholder Art
We've read part of the Shadowhunter rhyme in the previous Mortal Instruments books. However, according to Cassandra Clare's new tumblr post, all (the rhyme) is revealed in City of Heavenly Fire...
Black for hunting through the night
For death and mourning the color’s white
Gold for a bride in her wedding gown
And red to call enchantment down.
White silk when our bodies burn,
Blue banners when the lost return.
Flame for the birth of a Nephilim,
And to wash away our sins.
Gray for knowledge best untold,
Bone for those who don’t grow old.
Saffron lights the victory march,
Green will mend our broken hearts.
Silver for the demon towers,
And bronze to summon wicked powers.
— Shadowhunter children’s rhyme
City of Heavenly Fire will be released March 1, 2014.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Shadowhunter Site 'Become a Shadowhunter'

Check out the new site: This site has tons of give-aways (US only).
Sign up here.

Here's how you earn points:
Adding a network: 25 Points
Link clicked: 30 Points
Recruiting a friend: 100 Points
Facebook likes: 15 Points

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Collection of all the Shadowhunter Tarot Cards (at the moment)

The cards are listed in order of the days they came out (to see the latest card, click here). Above the cards, it is the background information from Cassie's tumblr. The collection of cards have characters starting from The Infernal Devices, The Mortal Instruments all the way to The Dark Artifices. Through these cards we have found some new characters -Julian Blackthorn, Emma Carstairs, Cristina Rosales, Livia and Tiberius Blackthorn- that I'm sure we will love as much as The Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices crew.
Cassandra Jean is doing a set of Shadowhunter Tarot cards, starting with the characters from the Dark Artifices. (Isn’t Jules adorable?) They don’t have the same titles as the Major Arcana of the real Tarot, but you can see by their numbers what cards they match up to (Julian, #4, matches The Emperor.)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

First Annual #ShadowhunterDay

Can you believe it?!? On March 27th, it will be 6 years since the very first book of The Mortal Instruments (City of Bones) came out! This fandom has grown so much, especially this past year! Back in November, we asked you when you thought the best day for a celebration would be. A lot of you thought that March 27th (also known as: the day our fandom was born) would be the most ideal.

This month has been crazy; we've all been laughing, crying then mourning and rejoicing over Clockwork Princess. Meanwhile, there's more news about City of Bones merchandise and a new trailer out at WonderCon.

So, with less than a week until the City of Bones release anniversary, we present the annual:

On March 27th, use #ShadowhunterDay and tweet about your favourite:

  • thing about this fandom
  • your favourite Shadowhunter.... or Warlock or Demon or Fey
  • and your favourite quotes
  • or make a poster/edit and send it to us

Reasons why we love the Shadowhunter fandom:

    We take our favourite quotes and make beautiful edits. It's always so fascinating to see the different interpretations. I love tweeting along side this fandom because you get what I'm talking about when I say "BTA" and the best thing is that TMI no longer means "Too Much Information." I also, enjoy seeing the way we draw runes on each other or wear black at Cassie's signings.
    Our fandom is respectful, and quiet, and so patient (especialy in France! Lol).
    Our fandom could be a shield against hatred.
    Our fandom is so open minded and peaceful I totally identified myself in those values.
    And our fandom is also so creative.
    I few words to describe us would be: Artists. Dreamers. Amusingly Lovely.
    I love seeing how original TMI fans are because when I read something about them I always smile and laugh. And honestly, this is brilliant; our fandom is so incredibly talented.
    I virtually met fans from all over the world, and this is priceless.
    The people.
    They are the best ever, every shadowhunter. I consider this fandom like a family really, even if it sounds too cliché. But it's true, I love every shadowhunter; old and new ones.
    We support each other and laugh/fangirl about our OTP's, and when Cassie or one of the #TMIcast answers any of our questions! When anybody posts something new about the books or movie, we all freak out. I love how spontaneous, crazy and supporting we are! I just love this fandom, this big and awesome TMI Family!
    My favorite thing about this fandom is that we are so very dedicated. I'm in a lot of fandoms and they are nothing like this one. We stick together. I have met so many great people that I can now call my friends. Shadowhunter, Downworlders or Mundane, we love each other. I am so proud to be apart of this TMI Family.
    This fandom is awesome! I feel I have siblings all around the world :)
    People are very supportive in the #TMIFamily. We have made incredible projects together to share #TMILove with the whole world.
    Cassie joined us, the movie cast and crew made us stronger and we still have a long way to walk together :)
    How special can this fandom be? People may think of it as another fandom, you know, following a book series, a movie, actor, etc., but it's not. This fandom is something extraordinary, different from anything this world have ever seen before. And what I love the most is how original and creative Cassandra Clare's fans are. How passionate they are for The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices, and I'm so glad to have joined this fandom a few years ago, when we were a little family, and saw how all this craziness for Shadowhunter's have been growing and growing and now we are like this big family, always supporting each other. One of the nicest things I've even seen is that I feel there are people all around the world that share my feelings and understand perfectly my obsession about this whole new experience that is about to take the mundane world ;)

    Friday, November 30, 2012

    Save the Date: March, 27th

    After asking many Shadowhunters, we present the annual #ShadowhunterDay will be on March 27th

    The choices were:

    • August, 23rd
    • August, 20th
    • November, 8th
    • March, 27th

    It so great that we will have the annual #ShadowhunterDay on March, 27th because it is the day everything started; it is the day the Shadowhunter world was born.

    Hope you'll join us March 27th for #ShadowhunterDay

    Wednesday, November 7, 2012

    Vote for the annual #ShadowhunterDay

    We decided there should be an annual #ShadowhunterDay and wanted your opinion
    thank you @NephilimCircle for making the picture
    Voting closes on November 30th, 2012 at 8:59 pm EST;)