Sunday, March 24, 2013

First Annual #ShadowhunterDay

Can you believe it?!? On March 27th, it will be 6 years since the very first book of The Mortal Instruments (City of Bones) came out! This fandom has grown so much, especially this past year! Back in November, we asked you when you thought the best day for a celebration would be. A lot of you thought that March 27th (also known as: the day our fandom was born) would be the most ideal.

This month has been crazy; we've all been laughing, crying then mourning and rejoicing over Clockwork Princess. Meanwhile, there's more news about City of Bones merchandise and a new trailer out at WonderCon.

So, with less than a week until the City of Bones release anniversary, we present the annual:

On March 27th, use #ShadowhunterDay and tweet about your favourite:

  • thing about this fandom
  • your favourite Shadowhunter.... or Warlock or Demon or Fey
  • and your favourite quotes
  • or make a poster/edit and send it to us

Reasons why we love the Shadowhunter fandom:

    We take our favourite quotes and make beautiful edits. It's always so fascinating to see the different interpretations. I love tweeting along side this fandom because you get what I'm talking about when I say "BTA" and the best thing is that TMI no longer means "Too Much Information." I also, enjoy seeing the way we draw runes on each other or wear black at Cassie's signings.
    Our fandom is respectful, and quiet, and so patient (especialy in France! Lol).
    Our fandom could be a shield against hatred.
    Our fandom is so open minded and peaceful I totally identified myself in those values.
    And our fandom is also so creative.
    I few words to describe us would be: Artists. Dreamers. Amusingly Lovely.
    I love seeing how original TMI fans are because when I read something about them I always smile and laugh. And honestly, this is brilliant; our fandom is so incredibly talented.
    I virtually met fans from all over the world, and this is priceless.
    The people.
    They are the best ever, every shadowhunter. I consider this fandom like a family really, even if it sounds too cliché. But it's true, I love every shadowhunter; old and new ones.
    We support each other and laugh/fangirl about our OTP's, and when Cassie or one of the #TMIcast answers any of our questions! When anybody posts something new about the books or movie, we all freak out. I love how spontaneous, crazy and supporting we are! I just love this fandom, this big and awesome TMI Family!
    My favorite thing about this fandom is that we are so very dedicated. I'm in a lot of fandoms and they are nothing like this one. We stick together. I have met so many great people that I can now call my friends. Shadowhunter, Downworlders or Mundane, we love each other. I am so proud to be apart of this TMI Family.
    This fandom is awesome! I feel I have siblings all around the world :)
    People are very supportive in the #TMIFamily. We have made incredible projects together to share #TMILove with the whole world.
    Cassie joined us, the movie cast and crew made us stronger and we still have a long way to walk together :)
    How special can this fandom be? People may think of it as another fandom, you know, following a book series, a movie, actor, etc., but it's not. This fandom is something extraordinary, different from anything this world have ever seen before. And what I love the most is how original and creative Cassandra Clare's fans are. How passionate they are for The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices, and I'm so glad to have joined this fandom a few years ago, when we were a little family, and saw how all this craziness for Shadowhunter's have been growing and growing and now we are like this big family, always supporting each other. One of the nicest things I've even seen is that I feel there are people all around the world that share my feelings and understand perfectly my obsession about this whole new experience that is about to take the mundane world ;)


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