Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Shadowhunter Site 'Become a Shadowhunter'

Check out the new site: This site has tons of give-aways (US only).
Sign up here.

Here's how you earn points:
Adding a network: 25 Points
Link clicked: 30 Points
Recruiting a friend: 100 Points
Facebook likes: 15 Points
Facebook comments: 25 PointsTwitter retweets: 20 Points
Be social: 25 Points
Mentions post: 10 Points
Madame Dorothea's Tarot Card Reading: 100 Points
City of Memes: 100 Points
Which alliance are you? (quiz): 100 Points
Video+: 100 Points
Trivia Challenge: 100 Points
You could win awesome prizes like:



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