Wednesday, April 3, 2013

While at WonderCon, Cassandra Clare Talks About 'City of Bones' Casting, Last Book...

Collider released their interview video with Jamie Campbell Bower (which you can watch here) just a couple of days ago. As a follow up, they interviewed Cassie too!
Collider: When you started receiving interest about turning your book into a film, were you immediately excited about it, or were you hesitant about the idea?
CASSANDRA CLARE: I was a little hesitant. I was excited about the idea, but I also was a little freaked out. I grew up in L.A. and I worked for The Hollywood Reporter. I knew enough about the business to know that the usual role of the author on a movie is to get out of the way and not say anything. So I thought, “How do I feel about turning this whole project over to people and letting them do what they want with it, not even knowing about it?” And then, Unique Features approached me – and that’s Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne, and they did The Lord of the Rings, which are my favorite movies in the world – and I thought, “Well, if I’m going to sell this to somebody, it should be the people who made my favorite movies.”

With so many young adult books being turned into movies, what would you say to people to get them to understand that this is a very different type of story with its own mythology?
CLARE: I guess I would say that this is a story that is, in part, about teenagers, but it’s not for teenagers. It exists on double levels. There’s the whole story of the teenaged characters, Clary and Jace, played by Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower, but there’s also a whole story about the adults – their parents and what happened with them. And I think it’s just a very universal coming of age story. In the same way that everybody could relate to Harry Potter coming of age and figuring out who she is, this is about a girl coming of age and figuring out who she is.

With so many elements to this, and all of the layers to the story and world that you’ve created, there are so many things that could have gone wrong. Did anything specific give you that sigh of relief?
CLARE: I think it was really when I first walked onto the set in Toronto and I saw that they had built the sets from the ground up. I knew that you don’t always. There’s so much you can do with CGI. But (director) Harald [Zwart] wanted to shoot on film, not digital, and he wanted to build the sets. So, books were shipped in and manuscripts were hand-illuminated to make them look medieval, all the weapons were handmade, all the signs were hand-down, every little detail of everything in the apartments were perfect. I felt like I was walking into my books, and that reassured me. I was happy, but I was completely freaked out, and that made me feel really happy.
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