Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kevin Zegers Talks About Working with Godfrey Gao, and Alec's Sexuality

Page to Premiere and Fangirlish got a chance to interview Kevin Zegers at WonderCon (Mar. 30). Page to Premiere also talked to Jamie Campbell Bower while at WonderCon, check out all the interview videos here.
Q: So should I ask the Lily questions? We asked Lily what to ask you and she was saying that we should ask you what it was like to work with Godfrey Gao.
K: It was great. He came in for like two days. So, he’s a busy guy. So he’s great. Not what I
expected it to be. We were kinda just buddies. Probably not what fans would expect for our interaction.

He seems like the kind of guy that I grew up with. Not super formal, kinda just a dude, we just hung out and talked about guy stuff. It was pretty mellow. Like I said it was like two days of work, so we didn’t get to know each other obviously as well as the rest of us did. And like in the first movie he’s kinda introduced and it doesn’t really go into our story as much as future books and movies, if there are ones, will.
Q: The other question she told us to ask was; what did you guys do to get to know each other off set?
K: We trained. We trained really hard, which when you are next to someone grunting and sweating for a few weeks – great ice breaker. We just worked a lot. When you work with someone as long as we did, all the courtesy stuff goes away and we are who we are. I say it all the time, but people on this movie were genuinely nice people. We laughed a lot. We were shooting sometimes 14 hours a day, so we weren’t going out partying all the time. It was a lot of work, but Lily and Jamie, they are still really close friends of mine. It was one of those experiences where we were all on the same page. Just got through it together.
Q: With Cassie being on set, did she give you a lot of advice on how to play your character
K: You know…she didn’t! We emailed once when I got the job. But no, she…I don’t know why. I think, she was there when we were in pre-production, and we were all talking about each of our takes on the
characters and I think that she felt that I had a pretty good understanding of the character of Alec and where we want him to go. Sometimes it’s best to just…

Q: Leave it alone.
K: Yeah. I think if it was heading in a bad direction she would have said something. I always felt pretty grounded in who I think he is. It made it a little bit easier to – it’s not easy to be such a complicated character.
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