Saturday, June 1, 2013

Jamie Campbell Bower Wearing the Morgenstern Ring for GQ Magazine Photoshoot

Wow! Jamie looks stunning in GQ Magzine's July 2013 Photoshoot.
Check it out, he even brought in a little of The Mortal Instruments into his photoshoot.
If you check out this picture below, on his right hand (your left side), he's wearing the Morgenstern ring!
Jamie's interview for GQ Magazine:
So, have you met Phil Collins?
“Er,” says Jamie Campbell Bower, his sloth-like limbs coiling around his chair out of discomfort, streaks of blond hair pulled this way and that.
Go on, I coax. You can tell GQ. After all, the 24-year-old is now dating his daughter, Lily Collins, who is also his co-star in forthcoming teen blockbuster The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones, which is how they met.
So, have you? “No … no … ” he squirms, not answering the question so much as rejecting the question’s premise. ‘This is not about that!”

Except the “this” - their actual relationship - is very much about the “that”, which is to say, their parts in the film. Think of it like a starter-home version of the Twilight are-they-aren’t-they? saga (answer: yes, of course they are) concerning the on-screen/ off-screen romance between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Both, after all, take the romantic leads in a supernatural
teen franchise based on mega-hit books. Both have a tween army of fans who are likely to queue for days and scream like a meteor is landing at the premieres. So yes, says Campbell Bower, “there was undeniable chemistry” when he and the 24-year-old Lily had their screen test. They had met briefly some years before, he says, at a premiere, but hadn’t kept in touch.
“Even the author,” he says, “said that when she saw it [the screen test] there was a chemistry that just jumped right off the screen. But I mean, there’s chemistry for the movie, and then my own life … ” But they’re not exactly different things, are they? “Yeah … l know. If you’ve got chemistry; you’ve got chemistry, but I try to keep who I am as Jamie quite separate.”
Big thank you to mortalinstitute who scanned the magazine:


  1. Anonymous01 June, 2013

    Ummmm... na no oh hell no! The entire jamie lily thing aint gonna work out, like come onnnn. It just doesnt seem genuine, im sorry. And jamie can do way WAY better *whispers* but anyways, jamie is BEAUTIFUL despite anything for me, but lily... damn, i hate this. Btw, love the shoot, jcbs lookin HAWT

  2. Anonymous01 June, 2013

    I'm sorry to say this, but JCB is not an attractive guy. He has reasonably attractive eyes and a decent jawline, but after that, he's done. He's going bald and what hair he has is thin and looks like it hasn't been washed in years. His nose looks like it was broken a few times and fixed (not well). He is gangly (too skinny) and looks like a poor guy going through a sex change.

    I understand that his personality matches his character in the movie, but all that tells me is that he's a narcissist jerk. Nothing else about him reminds me of Jace. I believe that he is probably one of the worst casting choices I have seen in a long time.

    If Lily Collins is dating Jamie, then she is either desperate or the studio is putting her up to it. Maybe that is why Jamie has not yet met Phil Collins.

    He even spoke about himself in the third party ("Yeah … l know. If you’ve got chemistry; you’ve got chemistry, but I try to keep who I am as Jamie quite separate")! There are so many attractive young actors out there... Why didn't GQ interview one of them?

    1. Anonymous01 June, 2013

      What you just wrote... That was awful, mean and spiteful. Jamie is a good actor, that's why he was cast. And after that everyone has their own image of what is attractive or not.

    2. Anonymous02 June, 2013

      quite shallow, aren't we? qoute: "There are so many attractive young actors out there... Why didn't GQ interview one of them?"
      seriously? you need to grow up because 1. no one is like a character in the book, 2. it is actor's style in question, if directors and who-not decided he is right for the part, then he f***ing is. wait for the movie and then spit fire if you're still in the mood.

      oh, and P.S. "Here is my secret. It is very simple. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; What is essential is invisible to the eye." - The Little Prince

      seeing your attitude through this banal topic makes me wonder how are you doing in your life.

    3. Wow, that's quite a little fantasy you spun for yourself, anonymous! Sure, Jamie Campbell-Bower is "not attractive." That explains why he's been a successful MODEL and actor for years before this role came along, and why he's dated a string of gorgeous girls, and why he has a million fansites dedicated to him, and been nominated for "most gorgeous" and "most beautiful" by a million magazines.

      ""There are so many attractive young actors out there... Why didn't GQ interview one of them?""

      So wait, GQ is supposed to write to you personally and clear it with you that whoever they're going to interview is attractive to you before they write an article? Nothing to do with whether the person is an interesting person, got a big movie coming out, dating someone famous, of general interest to everyone but whinging fanbrats? You do realize GQ is a men's magazine and you aren't even their intended audience? And that we read about actors for other reasons than that they're considered attractive by people so stupid they think "studios" can make actors date? Maybe they wrote the article because as the Observer says, Jamie's beautiful and bloody good at what he does.

      Or maybe you should just check out the thousands and thousands of pictures of Mortal Instruments fans who think Jamie is their perfect Jace.

      You're on the wrong side of history, bitch. Grow up. If you'd just said you didn't care for his acting or even his face that would be one thing, but your utterly nasty commentary about his love life, which is his business and which he obviously is deliberately NOT MAKING A BIG THING ABOUT( which would indicate that your theory that magic fairies at the studio made them date for publicity is a bitter fantasy) just makes you look bad. It's been a year Lily and Jamie have been going out and before that he was engaged to beautiful Bonnie Wright. So who was behind that? Her Majesty's Secret Service?

      Maybe Jamie's not your type but he's a lot of people's type. Not everyone cast in everyone role is going to be your personal wank fodder. That doesn't give you the right to make personal attacks. Hope you're a better person in real life than your post here would indicate.

  3. Anonymous02 June, 2013

    Even if he WAS unattractive, his infuriatingly attractive voice would make up for it COMPLETELY. Also, surprise surprise, it's about the acting, not whether or not they look like a supermodel. If you think Jamie CB is a bad actor, I advise you at least watch his scene in Rocknrolla before you make a proper judgement. If Jamie's the bad choice for Jace, then who's a GOOD choice? I'd be fascinated to hear your opinion.

    1. Anonymous03 June, 2013

      Pretty sure they're just a bitter Pettyfan. None of them can accept Alex Pettyfer has the acting range of a spoon and looks forty now.

  4. Anonymous10 June, 2013

    I really love both Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins and, honestly, I think they're great together. But I'm worried that their relationship won't last because of things like this. The fact that paparazzi is snooping into their personal lives together like this probably bothers them! Even though we're all curious, they still need some privacy! And I don't want them to end up being one of those celebrity couples that break up because of the paparazzi and never being able to get their own personal time.
    Sorry, I had to rant.

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