Thursday, August 29, 2013

Help us Spread The Love for 'THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS' Movie on Twitter

For more pictures of the Mexico City premiere, visit JustJared
A bunch of TMI fansites are getting together to support The Mortal Instruments movie during the second week at the box office. We need your help to tweet each of these hashtags:
  • Thursday - #DumortThursday
  • Friday - #CiudadDeHueso * or #ParabataiFriday
  • Saturday - #ShadowhunterSaturday
  • Sunday - #SeeTMISunday
  • Monday - #TMIMovieMonday or #MundaneMonday
Also, don't forget to tweet us your City of Bones movie reactions using #TMIMovieReactions. Our main goal is just to spread the word, so tweet away!!

* Cuidad De Hueso is Spanish for City of Bones. We thought the Hispanic population needed a tag of their own! Did you see all the Shadowhunters who attended the premiere at Mexico city? There was almost 1 000 people there:


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