Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jamily on Refinery 29's List of '10 On-Screen Celebrity Couples Who Make It Better IRL'

Who doesn't love the couple: Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins? They are too cute together! That's why Refinery 29 has named them one of the 10 on-Screen Celebrity Couples Who Make it Better In Real Life. Here's what Refinery 29 had to say about Jamily:
Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower, City of Bones
Though City Of Bones isn't quite out, book series already has a cult-like following, is chocked-full of tons of brooding, and has a leading couple who is the real deal. Sounds familiar? Unlike another supernatural teen movie, this couple simply can't contain their enthusiasm when they see each other, which makes us even more excited for the film.


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