Friday, March 29, 2013

Robert Sheehan Talks About 'City of Bones' in a Radio Interview

Interviewer: There is a weird kind of shadowy vampire element to it. Is it going to be the new Twilight or do you not like those types of comparisons?
Robert: It definitely runs along the same ilk; there are similar aspects to the story. It's very much like an old fashion kind of story book. The director, a very lovely man name Harald Zwart, he shot this film. He shot the film on 16 mm which for a film maker it gives it an old quality. I think he was trying to make a old story book type film. There is similarities to Twilight but has much more of a magical feel.
Interview: I heard you compared to Indiana Jones, it's kind of adveture-y, right?
Robert: Ya, when I first read the script that was one of the things that struck me most. There's a wonderfully tendential nature to the adventure they have. They go off to do one thing and then they get pulled and dragged from one thing to the next. They get distracted, very much like Indiana did, back in the day.
Interviewer: But it has that half human element to it doesn't it?

Robert: Ya, basically the character, she turns 18 at the beginning of the film, she believes she's gone crazy because she discovers her own magical ability she then discover this ancient institute of demon hunters. The demon hunters part humans part devine, there whole thing is to fight against the ever growing population of demon population. She releases that she has what you call Shadowhunter blood. My character is her BFF, who loves her secretly, and gets dragged along for the ride.  He won't leave her side because he's very protective of her.

Visit RTE to listen to the radio interview. Skip to 2:50 to listen to City of Bones being mentioned.


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