Monday, July 8, 2013

Jamie Campbell Bower and Cassandra Clare Talk About Props on the 'CITY OF BONES' Set

Jamie Campbell Bower and Cassandra Clare
Yahoo Movies attended the London Film and Comic Con 2013 Mortal Instruments panel from July 6th. They have summarized what Cassandra Clare and Jamie Campbell Bower discussed during the panel:
Both Clare and Bower seemed humbled by the experience, with Clare honoured to have been involved in the adaptations process - something which is not commonplace for most authors - and Bower thanking the power of the fans for getting the film made in the first place.
Bower explained that he tries not to focus on the global recognition a film could bring him, focusing instead on stories that mean a lot to him. When asked about his combat training over the years, Bower laughed that for a while he knew how to kill someone with his bare hands but has a brain like a sieve and has since forgotten all his training.
Bower clearly adores his career, saying that he constantly finds it 'shocking that somebody wants to pay me to dress up'. He also confessed to having stolen a few things from the set including a rather important ring. Clare laughed that she had also tried to take the mortal cup but hadn't banked on it being quite so heavy. The cast, they explained, all have their own shadowhunter necklaces - but these were given to them, not taken from the set!
Read the full article over at Yahoo.


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