Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cassandra Clare Talks to The Mash about Favourite 'City of Bones' Movie and Book Scenes

The Mash interviews Cassandra Clare over the phone. Cassandra Clare explains that her favourite part of the book is having a layer magical hidden under the normal and ordinary New York life. However, her favourite part of the movie would be Magnus's party -where she is a cat-like demon.
When writing “City of Bones,” which chapter had you most captivated?It was the idea of bringing this sort of magical New York to life. The idea that, here’s this city and we all know it and we walk the streets every day and we see the same stores and the same taxis and the same people, and it’s all so normal. But then, underneath it, there’s this layer of magic. … You just scrape away at it a little bit and you see it. And that’s something that I love.
Who was the first character you developed in the story?It was Clary. I mean, it was always the idea of writing this journey of a hero, a coming of age story about a girl. There’s so many (stories) about boys. I love “Harry Potter” and “Percy Jackson,” but I really wanted to read one about a girl who came of age and answers the same questions about who am I and how do I become an adult, how do I become a good person and how do I become a woman?
Fans have been dying to see Clary and Jace brought to life. In what scene do Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower do that?I think it’s the scene where Jace comes and finds Clary at her apartment and she’s just attacked a demon and they sort of fight it off together and they just really become Jace and Clary in that moment. It’s the first time that you see her trust him, and it’s a really kind of great moment for them together.
What part of the book are you most excited about seeing on the big screen?Most definitely Magnus Bane’s party. It’s like the center of the book and Magnus is such a fun character, and I really wanted to get that fun and loudness into the movie and I really think they did. I’m really excited about that.
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