Thursday, April 25, 2013

Collection of All the MTV Interviews from WonderCon 2013

A collection of all the MTV interviews of Lily Collins, Kevin Zegers, and Jamie Campbell Bower from WonderCon 2013. (Videos only available to the US *sorry!* -blame

'Mortal Instruments' Actress Lily Collins Didn't Want Clary To Be 'A Constant Victim'

"I actually saw a lot of similarities between Clary and I," Lily said. "She's a go-getter. She's feisty. She fights for what she believes in, and I really associate a lot of her qualities with mine, but I also wanted to bring this realness to her, like she was just the girl next door, because I didn't want her to be this caricature of a fan-favorite heroine in a book. I wanted her to be someone you could be friends with next door."
Not an easy task, considering Clary is actually a descendant of a long line of demon-destroying Nephilim known as Shadowhunters. (I don't know about you, but the only super-human ability my childhood neighbor had was flying across the Slip 'n Slide really fast.) So how did Lily accomplish this feat?

"[By] incorporating a bit more humor into some of the situations with [Clary] and the boys—just not making her a constant victim," she explained. "Because I think when you're going through so many whats and whys in the span of every five minutes, those reactions could become really similar, and it becomes more of this, 'Oh, poor me. I'm in this situation.' When she's really like, 'Another problem? Solved! Another problem? Let's go!' So it's that really tenacious attitude I tried to incorporate more."

'Mortal Instruments' Star Jamie Campbell Bower: The Next Gandalf?

"I will be playing a young Gandalf, indeed," Jamie joked of the "Lord of the Rings" character. "That's my next job. You can't tell, but I'm in the process of growing out a very extensive beard."
In all seriousness, though, Jamie confirmed that he is a fan of the genre and that perhaps his casting in all these magical projects isn't simply a coincidence.

"What I love about the whole notion of sci-fi and fantasy is that it's a comletely different world, but underneath everything, there's a sort of reality that grounds it," he explained. "And people love to be taken out of their daily lives. I don't want to use the word 'mundane,' but that sort of drudgery, sometimes. Sci-fi and fantasy offer that. It offers that of the person watching it and for me, which I love."

'Mortal Instruments' Stunt Training Was 'Brutal' According To Kevin Zegers

"I think I showed up about four weeks before we started, and it went through filming, so then on lunch break we would go and rehearse the fight sequences," he said of the rigorous preparation. "[Director] Harald [Zwart] wanted us to do our own stuff, which I think when you watch the movie you can tell. It's sort of great, and you can see that it's us, and it's violence and just as, like, a guy, I saw the new trailer and it looks awesome. It looks like a big action movie, also obviously, the love story and everything are going on and the fantasy stuff. The action stuff looks awesome."

But, embodying a physically superior Shadowhunter came with a price for the 28-year-old.
"Brutal," he said with a laugh of the regimen. "I'm like the old one of the group. The young twenties kids were very spry and bounced back. When we finished I was very tired."


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