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WonderCon 2013: Interviews from the 'City of Bones' Cast and Cassandra Clare

Finally, the interviews for WonderCon have been uploaded for all to see!
The interviews are in the order of when they were released, click here to see the most recent interview.

Cassandra Clare's interview:

Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower's interview:

PageToPremiers interview with Jamie Campbell Bower "Difference Between Himself and Jace":

Lily Collins's interview "Mortal Instruments vs. Twilight" along with some Jamie Campbell Bower  (interview starts at 0:18)
It's impossible to compare something to  what was first known as the first franchise to really hit big and that's Twilight. You know, it was it's own entity itself and it's ok to hope to have such a big fanbase like that but, I think when it comes to comparing and contrasting, it's so different. I mean, it's the world where there's angels and demons and it's a totally different universe than any other film that I've seen.
Watch it on USA today.

Another interview with Cassie from Movie Fanatic:

“They have opinions for everything and I love them for it,” Clare said. “I love that they’re so excited.
I was flooded with emails that were either, ‘I want to be in the movie’ or ‘So and so should be in the movie.’”

The first interview with Kevin Zegers has surfaced! (Thank you PageToPremier)

Interview from with Cassie, Jamie, and Kevin:

Interview with Jamie Campbell Bower from
Collider: How did you come to this project? Did you know anything about the book series, or did you just read the script and respond to it?
JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER: I was in Los Angeles for pilot season and the script had been in development for awhile. They sent me through just the sides, actually, for an audition. I responded really well to the sides, and I really, really liked it. It was a real last-minute thing. I was due to leave the day after, and I did leave the day after. And then, I got a call-back for a screen test here, so upon getting the call-back for the test, I read the book. I read book 1 and 2, actually. I read book 1 quite fully, and then just went through book 2. And then, I did the test and got the role. That’s how I came to be involved in the madness.

Interview from Movie Fanatic with Cassandra Clare, Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower and Kevin Zegers.
"It’s really intriguing and it’s really frightening too. There’s nothing like a movie that focuses this big lens onto your work that hasn’t been there before," Clare said.

She admitted her fans had their opinions about who should play who, but she wouldn’t have it any other way as Mortal Instruments fans are as passionate as they come. “They have opinions for everything and I love them for it,” Clare said. “I love that they’re so excited. I was flooded with emails that were either, ‘I want to be in the movie’ or ‘So and so should be in the movie.’”
Meanwhile, Collins lets us in on her thoughts on the most memorable moment for her as a part of this rapidly becoming-iconic series. She immediately credits the filmmakers for how she felt like she walked onto the pages of the book when she arrived on the set. "I love how the art department made all the sets feel true to the book,” Collins said.
She also appreciated the bonding with her castmates and filmmakers. “All of us really became one in making this movie.”
After her work in Mirror Mirror and now her starring role in this film, teased in the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones trailer, it is easy to see the passion the actress has for the genre. “I’ve always loved fantasy films. I love how they take me away to somewhere else. It’s not just fantasy that’s the big appeal with these movies -- it’s that they have heart.”
We also caught up with star Kevin Zegers, who portrays Alec Lightwood, as he explores what it was about this Mortal Instruments world that most compelled him.
"The biggest appeal was the character. I love this guy for whatever reason,” Zegers said. As soon as "action" was called, he immediately knew the book's secret to success. “Once we started shooting the movie, the world is great and it’s easy to see why the fans are crazy about it.”
Jamie Campbell Bower, who is fan favorite Jace Wayland, was just a little nervous about tackling a project that is so enormous in the world of popular culture. “I was terrified. There’s always a responsibility, even if it isn’t an adaptation to a popular book,” Bower said. “It’s a scary prospect, big time.”
Watch the video here.

Interview from i09 'Will the movie keep the gay hero?'
We asked Zegers if his character's sexuality is addressed in the first film, and he responded:
You know, it's not something that's really addressed totally. There's kind of the subtext of people assuming that [Alec] is. But it's not something that we really focused on in the first movie, just because theres so many traits that he has. It wasn't a focus, really.
But he says that they still "played around" with the idea that Alec has feelings for Jace (Jamie Campbell Bower), and that there's a hint of a love triangle between Alec, Jace and Clary (Lily Collins). "It's definitely in there," says Zegers. "We didn't hit anything straight on the nose. It doesn't have to be. But there's a lot of subtle things that go on between the three of us, that the audience can make up their own mind about."
As for whether we'll get to see Alec get a love interest of his own if there are sequels, Zegers says: "Of course. It's a huge part of the progression of the character. So I hope so. It's what the fans seem to love about the character, is his love story." So if they actually make more movies, he definitely hopes they explore that aspect.
Watch the full interview over at i09

Kevin Zegers's Interview about the feel and content of the movie


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