Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Shadowhunters Working Hard to Reveal the First Chapter of CLOCKWORK PRINCESS

Yesterday (Feb. 26) was an exciting day. First we got more exclusive footage of Magnus's party (City of Bones movie) from MTV and an interview with Godfrey Gao. Then, starting from 3 pm EST, Shadowhunters continuously tweeted #ClockworkPrincess for the reveal of the first chapter of Clockwork Princess. For approximately every 100 tweets, 1 word would be summoned. There are 5464 word in the first chapter so of course this took us a while (over 500 000 tweets), but we made it!

"December is a fortuitous time for a marriage,"said the seamstress, speaking around her mouthful of pins with the ease of years of practice. "As they say, 'When December snows fall fast, marry, and true love will last.'" She placed a final pin in the gown and took a step back. "There. What do you think? It is modeled after one of Worth's own designs."
Tessa looked at her reflection in the pier glass in her bedroom. The dress was a deep gold silk, as was the custom for Shadowhunters, who believed white to be the color of mourning, and would not marry in it, despite Queen Victoria herself having set the fashion for doing just that. Duchesse lace edged the tightly fitted bodice and dripped from the sleeves.

Check out all of the first chapter at If you haven't already, check out the prologue on the Shadowhunter App (available for Apple and Android users).

We happen to notice the background on, isn't it nice?

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