Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kevin Zegers Talks About Why He Wanted To Play Alec Lightwood and More with Collider

Collider caught up with Kevin Zegers at Comic Con's press line. Kevin Zegers talks about watching the final cut of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Also, he explains why he wanted to play Alec Lightwood:
What is it about this character that drew you to this project?ZEGERS: I think the things that people know about Alec are that he’s a Shadowhunter and he’s gay. They know about the whole backstory of him and Jace. The thing I liked about him was that he wasn’t overwritten in a way where I couldn’t have my own take on who he was. He wasn’t so set in stone with his behavior or the way that he is. He’s definitely clear strong and he’s very noble, and all that stuff. It wasn’t vague, but it was very open to interpretation. So, when I met with Harald and we talked about it, I had this idea of creating this enigmatic guy who you can’t really put your finger on. He’s not always the nicest guy. I feel like sometimes people feel the need to differentiate between, “These are the good guys, and these are the bad guys,” when in reality, I think we’re all capable of both. But mainly, I wanted to create a character with none of the preconceived notion of what a gay character would be. I don’t think it’s a big fucking deal for the younger generation, anyway. I don’t think it’s something that even registers as something that’s a problem. If I ask my nieces, who are 10 or 11, they’re like, “So?!” It’s just not that big of a deal anymore. But in some places it is, so I’m aware of the responsibility.
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