Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 11 of 70: Final Shadowhunter Tarot Cards: Luke and Jocelyn

Cassandra Jean has created Shadowhunter Tarot Cards. Some of the cards have been switched out for others (you can view all the ones that are out here), but Cassandra Clare announced on her tumblr that the card deck has been finalized. Each day, Cassie will try to post a new card on her tumblr. There are around 70 cards in total. Some of the cards we have seen before and some we haven't, but be ware, there are spoilers!

Day 11:
Luke and Jocelyn take the Wheel of Fortune card, here renamed the Destined, as it represents
stability amid chaos and change. Luke and Jocelyn’s relationship survived chaos, a war, a rebellion, her terrible marriage, his turning into a Downworlder, and much more. Theirs is a great if quiet love. :)


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