Friday, March 8, 2013

Cassandra Clare’s Diary from ‘The Mortal Instruments’ Set: Day 2 from

In February, released Cassandra Clare's Set Diary from City of Bones: Day 1. Now, just in time for March Break, reveals Day 2 from Cassandra Clare's Set Diary. Last time we got a look at Lily (Clary), this time Teen treats us with a some Robbie (Simon):
The production has a transport department, which means drivers who pick everyone up and bring them where they need to be. My driver’s name is Gus, and he has driven many famous people around. He tells me terrible stories until I am petrified, but assures me the [City of Bones] cast is very nice.
I go to hang out in Video Village, where the monitors are that show what they’re filming. Jamie [Campbell Bower] and Lily are filming a scene with CCH Pounder, who plays Madame Dorothea.



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