Monday, March 11, 2013

A surprise, as promised by @CassieClare: Mortal Instruments at WonderCon

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones cast will be at WonderCon this year!
WonderCon runs from March 29-31 (Easter Weekend) at the Anaheim Convention Center, California.
Check out the video of Lily (Clary) inviting you to WonderCon on The Mortal Instruments facebook page. In the video Lily says
Hey guys it’s Lily. I’m so excited to tell you that we’re going to be in Anaheim California for this year’s Wondercon where you will get an exclusive sneak peek of The Mortal Instruments and you’ll get to see our new trailer and poster. I hope to see you there.
Only a limited amount of people can make it to WonderCon, but Cassie assures us that there will be a new theatrical trailer and a new poster by the end of March.
So 1) yes, Lily, Jamie, Harald, me, and perhaps others :) will be at Wondercon in Anaheim this year, doing a panel, answering questions, and most of all — debuting the new theatrical trailer and the new poster that will go up in theaters!
2) While it would be absolutely awesome if you could attend Wondercon to see us, if you don’t: this is still very good news since what it means is that there will be a new theatrical trailer and a new poster ready to go out into the world at the end of March. Wondercon is just a way of saying “THESE ARE READY TO GO!” (And trust me when I find out exactly when our Wondercon panel is and which movie the trailer will be attached to, I will post about it RIGHT HERE. I have been asking myself almost every day.)


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