Thursday, December 27, 2012

Harald Zwart Explains Why

MTV hosted an interview with The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones director, Harald Zwart.
During this interview Harald Zwart explains why he wanted to sign on to the Mortal Instruments.

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In case you can't watch the video, here's a summary:
Harald Zwart likes the idea of a girl just waking up one day and realizing she's nothing like what she thought she was and her mom is nothing like what she thought her mom was. And it's a detective story of what's actually buried inside her mind. She's actually very heroic and brave, even though she's told not to do something, she does it anyways. Zwart also likes the love story in the City of Bones; the dramatic and true love story with all the effects and vampires and other creatures.
Harald Zwart was drawn mostly to the romantic aspect of the story. When Zwart became apart of the crew, Lily Collins was already casted, and he thinks she's perfect for the role. That was part of the reason why Harald Zwart decided to join.
"You'll see in the movie, she's adorable and really tough and she plays [Clary] very realistic. She has a huge range of emotions."
Harald Zwart  believes they have a great cast, too. Although there have been many mixed feelings about Jamie Campbell Bower playing Jace, Harald tells us:
"The fans will be very surprised. Once they see him be Jace, there's no other option. [Jamie] is absolutely fantastic as Jace. He has that angelic, very dry sense of humor which Jace also has in the book. I think people will adopt to him immediately and be very happy with him."
 This is what MTV had to say about The Mortal Instruments:
The young-adult demographic has been of particular interest to producers of late. Thanks to the wild successes of "Harry Potter" and "The Twilight Saga," studios are scrambling to fill the void with fledgling franchises like "Beautiful Creatures" and "The Mortal Instruments."
"In terms of 'Beautiful Creatures' and 'Mortal Instruments,' it couldn't be more obvious they're going for the 'Twilight' crowd," Contrino said. " 'Hunger Games,' to me, is closer to 'Harry Potter' to how big it is. If you compare the first 'Hunger Games' to the first 'Harry Potter,' it's bigger. I think 'Mortal Instruments' and 'Beautiful Creatures' would fit the 'Twilight' mold."
Check out the full article here.


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